Things I Can Do to Help The Environment

The title is so long. :D
I know that you got more information about environmental problem and also got the solution.
Thus, I can't tell about that.
But, If you need more information about that issue, you can read the article at here, here, or here.

Back to the title, the issue causes unrest. So, I try to do what I can; oh, no but what I ought to do to save our world.

1st. Energy
Turn lights off when not used. And unplug-in the phone charging or others after finishing.

2nd. Water
Take shorter showers or faucets. And fix any leaky faucets.

3rd. Product
Don't throw garbage anywhere you like it. You can put away garbage in your bag, firstly when you don't find garbage can. And throw it after you find the garbage can.
Reduce waste before buy something by asking ownself: Do I need the goods? and choose those made from recycled materials.

4th. Air Pollution (Cars)
Try to walk to the nearest object. And use the public transportation to the farrest object. This can save gas and reduce polution.

5th. The Green Park
Not bad to have one 'pet' in the garden. It means tree. Love to take care the trees for better place.

Well, I could already do those all. And I will do something more.
So, what about you ? You did something, didn't you ? Please, tell me more !  


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